How do customers file a claim?


Oregon Hemp Flower with Route Protection

Welcome to the world of Oregon Hemp Flower, where quality meets convenience, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our exquisite selection of hemp flower products is carefully cultivated and handpicked to ensure premium quality and potency. But we understand that sometimes unexpected circumstances can arise during shipping. That's why we've partnered with Route to offer an extra layer of protection for your orders.

Customers who have purchased Route Protection for their orders can file a claim through the mobile app or in case of loss, theft, or damage to their package.

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What is Route Protection?

Route Protection is an optional service that offers peace of mind for customers who want added security for their purchases. When you opt for Route Protection with your Oregon Hemp Flower order, you gain assurance against loss, theft, or damage to your package during transit.

How Does Route Protection Work?

Customers who have purchased Route Protection for their orders can file a claim through the mobile app or in case of any mishaps during shipping. Whether your package gets lost in transit, is stolen from your doorstep, or arrives damaged, Route has got you covered.

Filing a Claim

Route boasts an exceptional customer satisfaction rating of 94% from customers who have filed a claim. This high rating reflects Route's commitment to resolving issues swiftly and effectively, ensuring that customers feel valued and supported throughout the process.

Swift Resolution

Route takes pride in its efficient claims process. On average, they resolve customer claims with a refund or a replacement order within 24 hours. This quick turnaround time minimizes any inconvenience caused by shipping mishaps, allowing you to enjoy your Oregon Hemp Flower products without delay.

How to Benefit from Route Protection

Opting for Route Protection is easy and straightforward. Simply select the option at checkout when placing your Oregon Hemp Flower order. Once your order is confirmed, you'll receive instructions on how to track your shipment and file a claim if needed.


At Oregon Hemp Flower, we prioritize the satisfaction and peace of mind of our customers. By partnering with Route, we aim to provide you with a seamless shopping experience, free from worries about shipping mishaps. With Route Protection, you can rest assured that your Oregon Hemp Flower order is in good hands, and any unforeseen issues will be swiftly resolved, allowing you to focus on enjoying our premium hemp flower products.